There’s a problem when you and your friends start talking doge.

So cute. Much wow.

31 Dec 13 @ 17:34

So like… the carpet guys got here to put carpet in our new house and they’re both inside and I’m outside like a deep because I’m too anxious to walk to the door and say something like “excuse me can I get through so I can go to the kitchen and be warm instead of standing in fifteen degree cold” like I’m worried I’ll bother them and they might get pissy or something like damn thanks anxiety.

Seriously tho I dont mind the cold the only parts of me that actually mind cold are my hands because of poor circulation and carpal tunnel and then my feet also poor circulation. Other than that I’m fine standing out here I would even be fine without a jacket jeez.

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I wanna draw mewtwo someone help

10 Dec 13 @ 9:46

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Actually wrote up at seven. Walked outside and realized moving 110 miles north of where I used to means I need a bigger coat. Jesus

10 Dec 13 @ 7:44

My cat is such a tsun-tsun.

08 Dec 13 @ 16:21

My heart skipped a beat.
The phone rang,
Almost endlessly.
I couldn’t take it anymore!
Why couldn’t they answer?

The line clicked,
a faint ‘Hello?’ came through.
Faster, my heart raced.
My throat became dry,
my words shaky.

A reassuring nod came from the person next to me.
Suddenly, my mouth opened.
All things poured out at once,
my body heaved and trembled,
afraid of rejection.

I sat crying as the person thought.
‘We love you always,’
a reassuring tone.
Finally, it was out.
I was finally free from the monster.

My breathing grew normal,
my thoughts calmed.
I couldn’t believe the horror was over,
But I was relieved to be free,
from the monster that is myself.

The Monster That is Myself — Jamie Schuh | siaandra

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Must we question ourselves to feel happy?
Must we go against others’ will?
Why is it that as humans, we’re so faulty?
Is it all just for the thrill?

Is it really fun to hurt others?
What pain have we unleashed?
Is it so kind to avenge our brothers?
For what good does mankind seek?

Ask yourselves a thousand questions,
Make it all seem worthwhile.
But when it all comes to and fro,
It’s all not versatile.

Jamie Schuh | siaandra

07 Dec 13 @ 16:58

you are stirring from your sleep
like cream in coffee
going from dark to light to warm when I press my mouth to your mouth.
I always wake up before you
just for this moment.
you are better than caffeine
because I can kiss you on an
empty stomach and not feel sick.
my hands still shake, but that’s because
there’s a piano getting tuned in my palms
strings vibrating, trying to find
the exact key your skin is written in.
you are the reason I hum with my
mouth full.
you are the reason music makes me weep.
I can’t write about you without writing
about the morning
because that is the time I love you best.
over eggs and bacon.
you yawn and I hear cellos.
you blink and I hear drums.
there are birds outside the window
begging for me to shut up
but I can’t stop singing along to
the symphony of your body when it
is just waking up.
I love you best over breakfast.
you groan when you burn your tongue on your coffee
and I swear I’ve never heard a more
beautiful sound.

breakfast | Caitlyn Siehl (via alonesomes) —

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For practice, I sleep until two in the afternoon
and brag about skipping breakfast.
This is how it starts.
I drink coffee before bed and stay up
until dawn
trying to memorize the burn behind my eyes.
I wait for you and this is how
I pass the time.
I fuck myself up.
I skip classes and I don’t wash my clothes.
I stop calling my mom to tell her
that I’m doing okay.
I want to be good and lost when you
finally show up
because how dare you.
How dare you get to see me after
I’ve gotten better.
How dare you skip the middle part
and then come back to me.
When you get here, I will be
an aching mess.
I will not put myself back together
just so you can pretend you understand
how I did it.
When you get here, you will turn
right around and leave again.
I will not be perfect for you.
You do not get to love me if you
do not stick around to see what it took
to become me.

For practice | Caitlyn Siehl (via alonesomes) —

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ask me why my favorite holiday is Halloween
first, I will say
“because its two days after my birthday”
then I will say
“because it was the only time we could dress up as what we really were”
for four years straight
I was a ghost
and you were Dracula
we would get drunk
and I would help you fish your fangs
out of your beer glass
I would buy you fake blood packets
and let you break them on my neck with your teeth
to scare the kids who were trick-or-treating
and I loved you so much
I didn’t mind when you punctured the skin
for four years
I loved you like unfinished business
like I was sent back here just to watch the
way the world moved through you
and I didn’t see your hunger when the lights went out
the way your teeth grew sharper every time I touched you
until you couldn’t speak to me without drawing blood
every Halloween, we stopped hiding more and more
you held me like smoke
against your still chest
and I saw the dead thing in you
staring back at the dead thing in me
ask me why my favorite holiday is Halloween
because it was the easiest day in the year
to be with you
because loving you was dying
because your arms were the coffin
I was buried in

Halloween | Caitlyn Siehl (via alonesomes) —

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05 Dec 13 @ 18:48

I seriously love how every single time I post any sort of thing on here, I lose followers. Like thanks guys.

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